Well folks, it is time to discuss comics …

First off, let me lead off by saying that I am a huge Spider-Man fan. I have enjoyed the character since I was six years old. I’ve been with him through the highs (the introduction of the Hobgoblin and Venom, Peter David writing the character) and the lows (the Clone saga; the reboot of the titles with brand new number onesasm544coverquesada2.jpg; the return of Norman Osborn; Howard Mackie and John Bryne (shudder ….)).

Now that brings us to the One More Day and Brand New Day storylines that have dominated the title since September.

Let’s begin by saying, I did enjoy One More Day and I am currently enjoying the Brand New Day storyline. However, I know that there are many fans who are unhappy with the status quo. Let’s look at some of the changes that came about through the One More Day storyline:

It wiped out 20 years of continuity; it eliminated the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson; it made Spider-Man’s secret identity secret again (he revealed himself to the world during the Civil War saga); the elimination of the organic web shooters (thank god) and it brought back Harry Osborn (who had been dead since the mid-1990s if I remember correctly).

amazing-spider-man-200712071000307491.jpgNow I was upset with the elimination of 20 years of continuity, and I was also upset at how they accomplished that through basically a deal with the devil. But in order to achieve what they wanted to do — a clean slate and a “back to basics” approach with a long-time popular character — they had to go to extraordinary lengths to do it. Does this mean that everybody is going to be happy about it? No, but it does have people talking about Spider-Man again — in both a positive and negative sense.

In the end, we are still getting something that we have come to expect with this character — good stories and compelling characters. So I might not be happy with how Marvel did it, but I am happy with the end result.


They want $55 for this?

March 20, 2008

It had to happen eventually, but today’s offering will focus on wrestling — specifically, the “granddaddy of them all” Wrestlemania 24, which will be held next Sunday.

Let me get something off my chest first, I haven’t watched a full Wrestlemania since number 20 — the night that Chris Benoit won the world title and celebrated in the middle of Madison Square Garden with Eddie Guererro.

Now with that said, the main reason I haven’t watched Wrestlemania is one, the cost, and two, the current state of the WWE.

To put it bluntly, I’m sick of seeing the same people doing the same things each and every week, which has led to me essentially choosing not to watch RAW on Monday nights — it’s boring and stagnant. They need new blood.

I mean, let’s take a look at this card and see if you agree with me:

Main Event: For the WWE Title: Triple H versus Randy Orton (c) versus John Cena. In other words, Vince’s son-in-law, a robot and Hulk Hogan Jr. in the main event at Wrestlemain. Cena and Hunter faced each other two years ago in the main event and were scheduled to face each other again last year before H blew out his other quad. I have no problem with Hunter being in the main event because of his name value, however, over the past few weeks, he has been booked to be the other one deserving of this spot. Orton, who was on a tear back in 2005, has been booked into oblivion since dropping the world title to H that year and nothing he has done since then has really interested me. And Cena, well, he was great at first when he was a smart-ass rapper, and now he is a white meat babyface, which is an anachronism in today’s wrestling world. Half the audience hates him and the other half loves him. Personnally, I have no problem with him. He tries very hard in the ring and it shows. However, he is continually booked as the underdog, and after a while, the same steady diet of him getting his ass kicked by the strong heel every week and then winning the eventual match gets old.

World title match: Edge (c) versus the Undertaker. Title versus streak. This match actually intrigues me, but it is still not enough to get me to plop down $55 for the PPV. Taker is 15-0 at Wrestlemania and Edge is one of the best heels in the business today. I expect a great match because these two can work, but again, it is not enough for me to spend $55.

Floyd Mayweather versus Big Show: Too many questions surround this match. Who is the heel and who is the face? What type of match are they going to have? Is Mayweather really getting $20 million for one night’s work?  Why should I care?

Ric Flair versus Shawn Michaels (career threatening match, if Flair loses, he has to retire): This will be the match of the night as both men have an incredible amount of respect for each other. I’m a mark for both individuals and I am looking forward to this match, but considering where it will be placed on the card, I still will not spend $55 to see it as the matches leading up to it are going to be absolute crap.

Money in the Bank ladder match: The only reason I would watch this match is because CM Punk is in it, and I am a huge Punk mark. However, considering how “well” WWE has booked him, I believe that he will not win this match and be made to look absolutely foolish. For true CM Punk fans, check out his Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro work.

Batista versus Umaga: Ugh. ‘Nuff said.

24-man battle royal — winner faces ECW champion: In other words, let’s give everybody who is not booked on the card a chance to earn a payday. I’m so looking forward to a match that has Kane, The Great Khali and Mark Henry in it. In other words, if I was purchasing this show, I would be hitting the bathroom at this point and praying that I had some kind of bad bowel condition so I would have to come back too soon where I would actually have to look at this CF.

Finlay versus JBl — Belfast Brawl: I believe the backstory on this match has something to do with a midget and the parentage of said midget. And this is how they want to get my $55?

Bunnymania Lumberjack match: Candice Michelle and Maria versus Beth Phoenix and Melina: OK, two Playboy pin-ups (Candice Michelle and Maria)  against two terrific women wrestlers in Beth Phoenix and Melina. Now I have no problem watching hot women attempt to wrestle, but I would rather see a Beth Phoenix and Melina wrestle one-on-one then watch what will be a CF. What’s worse is that other good female wrestlers (Mickie James and Victoria) are being relegated to outsider status as they will be serving as lumberjacks in this match. If there are still fans of true women’s wrestling out there, buy a Shimmer DVD or watch a TNA Knockouts match. Don’t blow your gas money for this match.

So has this card made you want to spend $55 for four hours of “entertainment?” Me neither. I think I’ll be reading a book next Sunday night. I’ll probably get more enjoyment out of it, and I know I will be saving $55 as well.

People are really starting to piss me off. I can say this – I have to deal with the public almost every day. Specifically, I deal with the moronic, mouth-breathing, three-tooth inbred public. You know, the people who can’t understand a simple point even if you waste half-an-hour explaining it.

Case in point, we have a local municipality that recently went through a reassessment. This reassessment brought assessments up from 7.5 percent to 100 percent market value. Let me repeat that – it raised property assessments from their current level of 7.5 percent market value to 100 percent market value. In other words, your house that is currently assessed at $4,000 would now be assessed at $60,000, but your taxes wouldn’t be affected because your tax levy would be recalculated. So you could end up paying the same amount of taxes, or less if you are underassessed.

The final point is everyone would be paying their fair share of taxes. Seems simple doesn’t it?

Oh no, not for the stupid people of this municipality. No, they are under the assumption that they are being taxed out of your homes. Well, duh. Of course you are! But it is not because of your home’s assessment. It is because of the government’s cost of providing services to you, i.e roads, education programs for your kids, police services and the such.

This is why people piss me off. I have no problem paying my fair share and yes, I am overtaxed. But I at least understand what I am paying my taxes for. Get a damn clue, will you?

Anyway, I am subscribing to the thought of heads of pikes, or – for those people who might think that is a bit extreme – public head-thumpings when someone says something stupid.

Maybe all I need is a bowel disrupter and a crowd to aim it at ….

Joining the blogosphere

March 15, 2008

Well folks, it’s official — I’ve now become a blogger. Needless to say, I have no idea what I’m doing, but if my brother-in-law can do it, well I’m reasonably certain that I can do it:)

Anyway, allow me to introduce myself. I work for my local newspaper, where I have been employed for nearly five years now.

I am happily married, and I will be celebrating my sixth anniversary with my lovely wife in July. I am also the proud father of a 16-month-old blond haired, blue-eyed boy, who is a giggling little monkey and who I love almost more than anything in this whole world.

I read a lot — novels, magazines, comics, whatever I can get my hands — and I enjoy watching Family Guy, wrestling (preferably Ring of Honor) and the new Battlestar Galactica series on Sci-Fi.

And now that I have written what will eventually be my personal ad when my wife finally wises up and dumps my lazy ass (just joking, honey:)), I thank everybody for logging in to view this inaugral edition. I do plan on posting more rantings regarding politics, comics, wrestling and everyday life. Thanks for stopping in:)

Hello world!

March 15, 2008

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