Damn computer

May 21, 2008

Been trying to write a new blog, but something keeps causing my Firefox to crash.

Damn computer:(

Anyway, not much to write about today. It was a good day, but kind of … well …. there. Nothing of any real interest happened that I can write about.

The only thing that I can note is that I got the new Sugarland song “All I Want To Do” stuck in my head.

Stay happy folks:)


I write this post with the full knowledge that my wife reads my blog.
I ran into an old high school crush a few weeks ago while visiting an arts festival with my wife and son. Now let me tell you something, there is nothing like running into somebody you knew years ago — whether it be an old friend, school mate, crush or ex- — and realizing that you probably look like the scruffiest individual on the planet at that point.
Let me paint the scene for you — here I was in old faded jeans, an old T-shirt, seven days worth of beard on my face, a Cubs cap and a glazed-over look in my eyes because I was not only tired but my back and knees were causing me tremendous pain. Not to mention I’m not the nicest person in the world at any time of the day or night anyway and well …. you get my drift. I looked like crap.
She, on the other hand, looked great.
We attempted to say a few words to each other, but my interest was divided on making sure my son wasn’t trying to run off with any beautiful women (he’s 18-months-old and cute as hell, and trust me, he knows he’s cute) and by my mechanic talking to me about his latest court case. Her attention was focused on his nieces and nephews. Anyway we said a couple of words to each other and went our separate ways.
Needless to say, I attempted to get back in touch with her a couple of days later via e-mail, but she never responded, which in all seriousness, I knew she wouldn’t.
Now let me preface this next remark I’m going to make by saying that I am very happily married and have been going on six years. I’ve known my wife for nearly 10 years now and I could not imagine my life without her in it. To steal a quote from Jack Nicholson, she makes me want to me a better man.
But back before I met my wife, I did have feelings for this other woman. However, I got over them. How? Well, I realized that those crush-like feelings will never, ever be reciprocated. I’m not her type. In fact, I think she was just friendly to me because that’s how she is — a friendly individual.
Anyway, I came to grips a long time ago with my feelings for this woman. It was a “one-sided crush.” Do I sometimes wonder what might have been?
Because it never would have happened in the first place.

Let me start by saying that Brian Michael Bendis guy is a sneaky bastard.
When I first heard about this Cleveland boy — now living in Portland, Ore. — all people kept telling me was how good of a comic writer he is. His plots are detailed. His characters act like real people. His storytelling techniques are “a breath of fresh air in a stale environment.”
Why do I say he is a sneaky bastard? Because he is not as good as people say — he’s better.
I got my first Bendis experience by reading Ultimate Spider-Man #4. I was hestitant to try this series because I thought this Marvel messing with the Spider-Man character once again (the clone saga, Chapter One, the reboot … get my meaning). But as I started to read this comic, I noticed something — this was a comic that did not focus just on the Spider-Man persona. In fact, the issue in question did not even featured Peter Parker in costume (he wouldn’t show up in the actual Spider-Man outfit, with webs, until issue 6). All it did was focus on Peter Parker, the young teen-age nerd.
It was a fantastic issue.
From there I was hooked. I went back and purchased the special collection that Marvel put out collecting the first three issues of Ultimate Spider-Man, and I haven’t missed an issue of this series yet. And I’ll tell you something, Bendis has not written a bad Spidey story yet.
Then came Powers.
Like with Ultimate Spider-Man, I came to Powers late – issue #5, which was toward the end of the Who Killed Retro Girl? storyline (I’ve since gotten the trade collecting this storyline). However, I didn’t become a fan of the comic until issue 6 when the killer confessed as to why he did it. I was some of the most chilling dialogue I have ever read (and of course, Mike Oeming’s artwork sealed the deal on this as well). Since then I have not missed an issue of Powers.
That’s what I mean about Brian Michael Bendis being a sneaky bastard. He is better than “good” — He is probably one of the best fiction writers in the country right now.

Recommended Bendis works:
Ultimate Spider-Man
Mighty Avengers
The New Avengers
Secret Invasion
Torso (Trade)
Fire (Trade) (This one is a collection of an early spy story that he wrote for, I believe, Caliber comics that Image reprinted several years ago. In my opinion, it is probably one of his more overlooked works, but it is definitely one of my favorite Bendis works)
Alias (The entire series, all 28 issues, is available in four trades and I highly recommended that fans of Bendis pick up all four volumes)
AKA Goldfish
Daredevil (his entire run is a classic and is readily available in trade form. Pick it up. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed)
Fortune and Glory (one of my personal favorites. It is autobiographical look at his dealings with Hollywood when Goldfish was optioned to be made into a movie. My favorite part of this is when he and Marc Andreyko are trying to sell studio heads on a Torso screenplay and one such “intelligent individual” suggested casting Elliot Ness as a 19-year-old kid. It is hilarious.)