I’m not …

November 26, 2008

Thanks to everyone who wished me a “happy birthday” over the weekend. I really appreciated it:)


Just some comments on myself:

I’m not the most attractive person on the planet.

I’m not in the best shape.

I don’t wear the latest fashion.

I don’t always say the right thing.

I’m not always the nicest person.

I’m not that quick on the uptake.

I don’t always know what I’m doing from time to time.

I don’t own the biggest house or the nicest car.

But I appreciate what I have and the friends that I’ve made along the way. And I love my wife and son more than anything else in the world.


Beyond that I don’t really have a lot of say this time around. Happy Thanksgiving folks and keep smiling:)


So my son just turned two and I’m going to be turning 31 in the next week. Guess who’s maturing faster? (Hint, if you guess me, you are sadly mistaken:)


So I mentioned in a past post that I was not a big fan of Nelson DeMille’s “The Rivers of Babylon” (If I remember correctly, I think I said that it was one of the worst books that he has written.)

However, I am a fan of DeMille’s work and I’ve read several of his novels. The most recent was “The Gate House” which was just published a few weeks ago.

“The Gate House” is the sequel to “The Gold Coast,” which is a fantastic novel, and takes place 10 years after the events of that novel.

Now I will say that I could not put this novel down. However, it does have some flaws — it is about 150 pages too long (it clocks in at 500 pages), there are just some implausible plot twists that occur within it (trust me, once you read it, you’ll understand) and the ending just comes out of nowhere.

I will recommend this for those people who want to know what happened to the characters from “The Gold Coast,” but otherwise, I will say that like most sequels, “The Gate House” does not live up to the standard set by “The Gold Coast.”

If there is anyone who is looking to give DeMille’s novels a try, I recommend “Plum Island,” “The General’s Daughter” and “Word of Honor,” which is my personal favorite.


Here’s a movie that I think people who are as demented as me should take a look at — “Hard Candy.” I saw it over the weekend on IFC and was blown away by it. It was one of the most intense movies I’ve seen this year.


I’m currently trying to get back into a little bit better shape. In fact, to accomplish this, I’ve begun doing exercises in the morning.

But the best part is now my son is joining in. All I have to do is ask him “do you want to help me with my exercises?” and he is doing push-ups and sit-ups on the floor next to me:) I definitely love moments like this:)


So my new boss started here full-time last week and I’m still working to get adjusted to the new regime. The change, however, is quite refreshing. It feels like I’m working for a newspaper again:)


Quick comic picks:

Superman: New Krypton storyline: Either this will go down as one of the best Superman storylines in the last 10 years or one of the worse. The premise stems from the Brainiac storyline in Action Comics where the Kryptonian city of Kandor was freed and now exists on Earth – along with 10,000 Kryptonians. As I said — this has the potential to be one of the best Superman storylines in recent memory or one of the worse. So far though it is off to a good start.

Final Crisis: Resist and Final Crisis: Submit: These issues take place between Final Crisis issues 3 and 4, and deal with the aftermath of Darkseid releasing the Anti-Life Equation on Earth. Essentially, evil has won. Submit is a great story, but Resist is the better of the two.

Amazing Spider-Man: First we get the six-part “New Ways to Die” which was the best Spider-Man story in seven years in my opinion, then a one-issue tale about Flash Thompson and his time in Iraq with the Army, and now the two-issues re-establishing Hammerhead as a true threat (a great story by Joe Kelly and fantastic art by Chris Bachalo). This is why I’m such a fan of the Brand New Day relaunch of Spider-Man. It has basically brought Spider-Man back to his roots — compelling stories and characterizations by great writers, fantastic artwork and a back to basics approach make this the best title that Marvel is publishing right now.


That’s it for now folks. Keep smiling:)

Just to clear one thing up, yes, I am feeling better. I got a lot of sleep over the weekend and it definitely helped. Now if only my sickly employees would stop spreading their filthy germs around me. Maybe I need to come into work wearing a hazmat suit ……:)


These are just some of the questions that have been floating around in my head over the last few days:

Will my son ever learn a word other than “no”?

Why do I feel like I’m overstepping my bounds when I ask somebody if they’re OK?

Why do I always second-guess myself when it comes down to decisions I make at my place of employment?

Why does my neighbor insist on mowing his yard without his shirt on and showing the neighborhood his 70-year-old manboobs?

Why am I scared of having a second child?

Why do the memories of the past, and subsequently the memories of everything that I’ve done wrong in my life, always pop up in my head at the least opportune moment (in the middle of dinner, trying to go to sleep etc.)?

Why did this season of Army Wives suck so badly?

Why am I hesitant to make friends?

How am I not an alcoholic or drug addict considering the childhood I had?

Why did they remake Friday The 13th? Consequently, I saw the preview trailer for this on YouTube, and wow is this movie going to suuuuuuuuck. I mean, seriously, when did Jason Vorhees start running toward his victims? Wasn’t part of the terrifying nature of this character — before they made 18 million sequels and turned him into a cartoon character — was the fact that he was a steady force just walking calmly toward you and intending to kill you no matter what? Ugh.


That’s all for now. Can’t wait for this friggin’ election to be over. Keep smiling, folks:)

So my body is rebelling against me this week.

As I write this my head feels like it is stuffed with cotton, I think I injured my right wrist and my temper is extremely short.

My wife believes that I’m coming down with something because of the lack of sleep that I’ve gotten over the past six days (I’ve been averaging about four hours a night this week).

Hopefully that will change tonight because if it doesn’t, I know I’m going to be walking up the middle of my street, naked, singing “the wheels on the bus go round and round.”

And for those of you who I’ve just blinded with that mental image, I apologize:)


So I was watching CMT with my son the only night and the video for Sugarland’s “All I Want to Do” came on. Now myself, I notice Jennifer Nettles in a bikini and said “wow.” My son noticed Jennifer Nettles in a bikini, riding a surfboard and said “wheeee.” Guess I’ll be buying him a surfboard in about 10 years …..:)


I had mentioned that I had started Gregg Hurwitz’s “The Kill Clause” a couple of days ago. Well, I went home Wednesday night at midnight, microwaved a hot dog, put on my iPod and said to myself “I’m just going to read a couple of chapters before going to bed.” I then looked up at the clock awhile later and noticed that it was 2:30 in the morning and that, instead of a couple of chapters, I had plowed through 150 pages. No wonder I’m getting sick….

Anyway … I finished the book Thursday afternoon and was very impressed it. It was a great intense thriller. I give it my highest recommendation.


“The Kill Clause” is actually the second book I’ve finished in the last 10 days. The one before that was Chris Jericho’s “A Lion’s Tale” which is one of the best wrestling biographies that I’ve read since Mick Foley’s “Blood and Sweatsocks.” This book covers everything in Jericho’s life from his days as a child to the unfortunate accident that resulted in his mother becoming paralyzed to his wrestling training and his various trips to other countries in order to break into the business. It also covers his stints in ECW and WCW (where he rips both Scott Hall and Bill Goldberg for their lack of professionalism as well as the entire company for its overall ineptness), before ending with his debut on WWF Raw in 1999.

However, my favorite part of the book were the tales of his days in Smokey Mountain Wrestling when he was teaming with Lance Storm as The Thrillseekers. Jericho’s experience with the locals (the hillbilly family video tale had me in stitches) made for some funny reading, but the best part was his recounting of the time Jim Cornette went friggin’ nuts at a local Dairy Queen. Hilarious.

On a side note, one of the most interesting things that I saw were early pictures of he and Lance Storm where Storm actually cracks a partial smile. I thought those photos were urban legends ….:)


Well, that’s about it for now. Keep smili…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz