Uh-oh ……

February 19, 2009

So I decided this week that I would substitute the word “monkey” for any and all curse words that I may use.

Why am I doing this? Two reasons — one, my son is getting to the age where he is repeating certain things that he shouldn’t (yes, he picked up a few choice words when he was in the car with me the other day); and two ….. I really like the word “monkey.”


I got two packages delivered to my house via UPS Wednesday, at which my son excitedly screamed “mine!.” Truth is they were mine, but I didn’t have the energy to argue with the 2-year-old (made the mistake of skipping my morning cup of coffee). So I let him open the packages and then heard him say “books!”

These packages contained my latest order from Hard Case Crime, specifically The Cutie by Donald Westlake, Killing Castro by Lawrence Block and and Say It With Bullets by Richard Powell.

Now imagine my surprise when my son grabbed The Cutie, laid down on the couch and opened it up like he was reading it. ….Of course, he had it upside-down, but I wasn’t going to correct it.

Then he yelled at me that I should be reading … So I picked up my copy of Assumed Identity by David Morrell and sat down beside him on the couch ……


Keep smiling folks:)


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