Back for more …..

March 5, 2009

So I’m back … please contain your excitement folks….


So I’m a Twitter freak now and I just added a Blip.FM account that I’m trying to update often. Mainly it allows people like me — who are in desperate need of a hobby — an opportunity to play DJ. I’ll be creating a link for my profile later so people can see just how bad my taste in music is…..:)


Been on a reading binge lately, finishing The Cutie by Donald Westlake, Killing Castro by Lawrence Block and When One Man Dies by Dave White over the past two weeks…

Now it’s on to Say It With Bullets by Richard Powell, which was just reprinted  for the first time in 50 years. Here’s the opening paragraph:

“At the overnight stop in North Platte, Nebraska, Bill Wayne didn’t copy the other tourists in the party when they bought postcards to mail to friends. He was running a little low on friends these days. Once he had classed five guys as friends, but they had picked up a habit of doing things behind his back, like shooting at it. The only wish-you-were-here postcard he wanted to send them was a picture of a cemetery.”

God, I love pulp crime novels:)


So my son loves Toy Story ….. and it is love in the “we’re home, now put in the movie that I have watched 8,000 straight times and you guys could quote by heart. But I don’t care because it is the only movie I like right now..”

It has gotten so bad in my house, I have taken to hiding this DVD so he can’t find it and demand to watch it again….

And I used to like Toy Story too …. now it’s gotten as annoying as Rachael Maddow…..


That’s all for now …. keep smiling folks:)


One Response to “Back for more …..”

  1. Lisa Says:

    No. Nothing is as bad as Rachel Maddow. Argh! She drives me up the wall. What arrogance! She’s the Bill O’Reilly of Liberals.

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