And it just gives me more reason to hate people ….

March 17, 2009

I kid you not … this is an actual e-mail I just got today from our local Catholic priest … I have omitted some of the names because I don’t want other people lumped in with this guy’s selfishness and idiocy….:


(editor ā€” me)
Well done so far on the last two Saturday highlight articles by (a local historian) on (two local churches that are closing). I do hope that you will have (this historian) likewise do an article on (another local church that is closing), since it is slated to close July 2009.
Comment however – if you do not have (the local historian) do an article on (the complaining priest’s church) as the chosen site for the consolidated new Roman Catholic Parish for the region – you are NOT fair and balanced in your reporting. This series of articles would end in a doom and gloom mentality. After this process is complete there will be a NEW larger Catholic Community numbering close to 1000 families, which will worship at the largest Roman Catholic Church in the area which has a seating compacity of 800, and which is most centrally located Church for the region. When the current Epiphany Church was dedicated in 1917 it was called by the Bishop of the Scranton Diocese as one of most majestic structures ever built in the Diocese of Scranton. To have such a structure chosen to be the NEW worship site for the NEW Roman Catholic Community, I would think is certaintly (actual spelling) a “Piece of History” that your paper would not want to leave out.
I have already heard from PRESENT (particular church) parishioners, that if your paper DOES NOT do a story on Epiphany Church, they and I will END our subscription to your paper. And the numbers who feel this way are growing. The current enrollment of parishioners at the current (particular church) numbers 700 families.
Fr. (Jackass).
Here was my response:

Father (Jackass)Thank you for your e-mail. I appreciate the positive comments that you
have forwarded on to the newspaper. (I must say, however, that your
heavy-handed approach about what might happen if we don’t follow up to your
liking with the (suggested church) stories was a bit of surprise, to say
the least.)

The articles that we have done on (the two closing churchs) have been
from a historical standpoint, since they have been long-standing pillars
of our community for well over 100 years each. There is a lot of history
behind these facilities, and I wished to share that history with our
readers before these facilities are closed. And yes, you are correct, we
should do a historical article on (the other closing church). I will talk to (the local historian) about this as soon as I can.

I also agree that we need to do a story on (your particular church).

Are you willing and able to talk to us about the upcoming changes on this?
It seems we’re often directed up the line to the Diocese level — to someone
who can’t or won’t return our inquiry?

We are always willing to help out or provide press for (your particular church) whenever we
can. I think this shows in our newspaper, whether it be for your church or
(the local Catholic school, associated with this particular church). So forgive me if I’m a little taken back by the threatening
tone of your email.

If you wish, please feel free to call me or my Publisher if there are any
concerns that need to be addressed. We would be happy to talk with you if
there’s a problem.

Welcome to an ordinary day in the life of a newspaper editor ….
Novel recommendations: Tigerheart by Peter David; Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell; Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosely; and Blaze by Richard Bachman.
What I’m reading: What’s So Funny by Donald E. Westlake

One Response to “And it just gives me more reason to hate people ….”

  1. Maria Says:

    Great response, you are great at what you do…

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